ACC 576 Week 2 Quiz (All Possible Questions)

ACC 576 Week 2 Quiz (All Possible Questions)

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This Tutorial contains More than 150 Question Test Bank (we have listed some of the Questions below)


Week 2 Quiz

Question 1      

The most likely result of ineffective internal control policies and procedures in the revenue cycle is that

Question 2      

An entity with a large volume of customer remittances by mail could most likely reduce the risk of employee misappropriation of cash by using

Question 3      

Which of the following statements is generally correct about the reliability ofaudit evidence?

Question 4      

Which of the following audit procedures would an auditor most likely perform to test controls relating to management's assertion concerning the completeness of sales transactions?

Question 5      

The audit working paper that reflects the major components of an amount reported in the financial statements is the

Question 6      

Which of the following most likely would indicate the existence of related parties?

Question 7      

Which of the following procedures would an auditor most likely perform during an audit engagement's overall review stage in formulating an opinion on an entity's financial statements?

Question 8 

In auditing accounts receivable the negative form of confirmation request most likely would be used when

Question 9      

Before applying substantive tests to the details of asset accounts at an interim date, an auditor should assess:

Question 10 

"There have been no communications from regulatory agencies concerning noncompliance with, or deficiencies in, financial reporting practices that could have a material effect on the financial statements." The foregoing passage is most likely from a

Question 11    

"We have disclosed to you all known instances of noncompliance or suspected noncompliance with laws and regulations whose effects should be considered when preparing financial statements." The foregoing passage most likely is from a(n)

Question 12 

Which of the following controls would be most effective in assuring that recorded purchases are free of material errors?

Question 13 

An auditor should request that an audit client send a letter of inquiry to those attorneys who have been consulted concerning litigation, claims, or assessments. The primary reason for this request is to provide

Question 14    

To which of the following matters would materiality limits not apply in obtaining written management representations?

Question 15    

In which of the following circumstances is substantive testing of accounts receivable before the balance sheet date most appropriate?

Question 16 

The purpose of segregating the duties of hiring personnel and distributing payroll checks is to separate the

Question 17    

An auditor's purpose in reviewing credit ratings of customers with delinquent accounts receivable most likely is to obtain evidence concerning management's assertions about

Question 18 

The objective of tests of details of transactions performed as substantive tests is to

Question 19    

Which of the following documentation is not required for an audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards?

Question 20 

An auditor should design the written audit program so that

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