EDU 324 Week 3 Assignment Rough Draft

EDU 324 Week 3 Assignment Rough Draft

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EDU 324 Week 3 Assignment Rough Draft
At this point you should have approximately 15 events for your Final Project. You will submit a rough draft of your project, listing at least 10 significant events.
You must include the following for each event:
 The title of the event
 The year(s) of the event
 A summary (25 to 50 words) of the event  An image that represents the event
 A caption that labels the image
 The URL of the image chosen
This assignment should be submitted in a Word document so your instructor can comment on the content.
Hint: Although this assignment is to be completed in Word, it would be best to complete the first 10 items of your timeline on Tiki-Toki to ensure you know how to use the software program. Include a reference page with a minimum of two sources in addition to your textbook and format them in APA 6th-edition style.

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