CPSS 300 Week 3 Resources Referrals and Interagency Collaboration

CPSS 300 Week 3 Resources Referrals and Interagency Collaboration

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The attached document is to be answered and provide required answers to the questions. Each program will need to be found in Louisiana. provide references and citation for each listed program. 
Resources Referrals and Interagency Collaboration
Review the “Offender Re-Entry Services” document on the Justice Center website about reentry services the State of Pennsylvania Probation/Parole services utilizes to assist offenders in identifying potential referral sources.
Locate and identify referral resources in your local area in the following table:
Resource Agency or organization name Eligibility guidelines Brief description of the service Is there a wait list?
Sex offender treatment
Day reporting
Offender workforce development
Outpatient drug/alcohol treatment services
Mental health evaluation and treatment services
While working in the criminal justice field, it is critical to identify resources and collaborate consistently with providers and community-based agencies who provide services for your clients.
Respond to the following questions in a response totally at least 525 words:
Why is it important to collaborate with outside service providers on the progress of the service provision they provide to clients?
How is such collaboration beneficial to the client? What, if any, are the limitations?
How do you know if the services your client receives are effective? Provide an example.
What would you do if the service being provided to the client was not effective?
Share a strategy you can utilize to keep consistent communication with your referral source in regard to service provision for the client.
How will you know when it is time to terminate service provision for the client?
Format any citations according to APA guidelines.

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