COM 539 Final Exam Guide (New, 2019)

COM 539 Final Exam Guide (New, 2019)

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1. Relative to Americans, Canadians are more likely to be:
Happy and casual
Educated and informal
Bilingual and formal
Sociable and casual
2. Which of the following is an acceptable method of negotiating the price objection?
Apologize for the product’s high price
Clarify the link between price and quality
Make price the focal point of your presentation
Focus on an individual product feature
3. John Bieland, the equipment buyer for Great Lakes Manufacturing, purchased two large riveting machines from Hoseke Corporation's sales representative, Lindell Ross. Because of a clerical error, the machines shipped a day later than scheduled, which put the delivery truck in the middle of a blizzard that shut down roads for several days. By the time the machines were delivered by Hoseke Corporation, they were a full week late. John Bieland sends an email to Lindell, cc'ing the CEOs of Great Lakes Manufacturing and Hoseke Corporation, expressing his dissatisfaction. What should Lindell offer to John to rectify the situation?
Lindell should discount any further purchases by half.
Lindell should refund John’s money.
Lindell should send John 2 new machines
Lindell should consult with John to find out what would help him regain trust in Lindell and Hoseke Corporation.
4. Managing an organization’s personal selling function to include planning, implementing, and controlling the sales management process is called:
Sales control
Sales supervision
Sales leadership
Sales management
5. With respect to the sales training process, after Brenda is done assessing the sales training needs, she should begin working on:
Performing sales training
Setting training objectives
Setting the sales training schedule
Evaluating training alternatives
6. Developing a long-term relationship that focuses on solving the customer's buying problems is referred to as:
7. Steve is looking for a way to analyze customer data from his territory in an effort to identify new opportunities for sales revenue growth.  _______________ could help Steve with this task.
Deal analytics
Sales call auditing software
Cloud computing
Customer Relationship Management
8. The primary goal of a ____________ presentation strategy is to influence the prospect’s beliefs, attitudes, or behavior, and to encourage buyer action.
9. Which of the following is true with respect to negotiations in foreign cultures?
Business rituals are largely the same across cultures
It is sometimes advisable to become antagonistic during negotiations
German buyers are unlikely to look you in the eye
Different cultural expectations can cause miscommunication
10. The most widely used system for dividing responsibility is to organize the sales force on the basis of:
11. JoAnn has a website for her business.  She advertises her business on a number of online services, but she is not sure which ones are driving traffic to her website and which are not worth the money for advertising.  The best thing for JoAnn to do is:
All websites are public so there really is not a way to determine how people find a website.
Buy advertising everywhere
Only advertise 1 or 2 places and see if her sales go up or down
Use a service such as Google Analytics® to determine what websites and searches are bringing traffic to her site.
12. The most likely reason for salespeople to make follow-up telephone calls to customers is that:
sales managers cannot make all the calls themselves
customer service representatives cannot be trusted to make the calls
the customer may place repeat orders during a phone call
follow-up calls are more efficient than e-mails
13. By demonstrating effective listening, a salesperson is able to do which of the following?
Beat out the competition
Always uncover two or three explicit needs
Convince the buyer that the salesperson's product is best
Help build the buyer's trust
14. “Smart” sales-force automation tools that analyze data on past customer behavior, cross-selling opportunities, and demographics to identify areas of opportunity are referred to collectively as?
Sales force automation
Cloud computing
Deal analytics
15. A customer has a negative experience at your business and writes about this on a social media review site. What is the best thing for you to do?
Respond calmly and don’t take it personally.
Never admit responsibility and divert blame.
Ignore it.  People don’t take those sites seriously.
Post your reasons for not meeting their expectations.
16. The purpose of the follow-up communication between customer and salesperson is to express thanks for the order and to:
introduce related products
determine if the customer is satisfied
request referrals for other prospects
complete the call card form
17. Andrew is a new sales rep for an industrial chemical supplier. Andrew makes it a point to never be late for an appointment and to always follow through immediately on promises he makes to his customers. These behaviors help Andrew build trust with his customers because they perceive him as:
18. Steve is a salesperson who is responsible for selling only two of his company’s 15 products.  Steve is working in a _____________ sales force.
19. Which the following best describes the process of strategic prospecting?
The process of turning prospects into customers
The process of locating new customers
The process of generating leads
The process of identifying, qualifying, and prioritizing sales opportunities
20. Conveying interest and understanding is the objective of which active listening component?
21. A series of creative improvements in the sales process that enhance the customer experience is known as:
value-added selling
relationship modeling
customer-oriented sales
transactional selling
22. Which statement is most likely true about the communication-style model?
Emotion and dominance are the two primary dimensions.
It is based on 3 important dimensions of human behavior
It is based on a highly accurate self-rating system.
It is composed of 4 distinct quadrants.
23. When a prospect has voiced an objection, it is most likely best for the salesperson to:
Deny the accuracy of the objection
Clarify the true nature of the problem
Suggest postponing the negotiations
Divert attention to a product feature
24. In order for salespeople to be able to deliver complete comparative product information in sales presentations they must possess:
competitor knowledge
25. Anthony is a purchasing agent for a hospital. One day the hospital receives a shipment from one of its suppliers with several items missing. Anthony calls the supplier and talks to a customer service representative who is very friendly and helpful. Anthony calls the supplier again the next day but talks to a different customer service representative. This customer service representative is not as friendly and not as helpful. Which of the following describes the problem the supplier has with customer service?
The first customer service agent set an unrealistic expectation
Customer service people are hard to train
The quality of the service provided is inconsistent across customer service agents
The second customer service agent needs more training
26. Steve is a salesperson for XYZ Corporation. His territory includes 50 established accounts which he calls on regularly. Although Steve is supposed to allocate some time to prospecting, he’d rather call on his existing accounts. Like many salespeople in his position, Steve resists prospecting because:
His established accounts are too important.
He is afraid of rejection.
He’d rather use his spare time for paperwork.
He doesn’t believe it’s necessary.
27. Working to reach an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to both buyer and seller is also called:
practice theory
28. When a customer service problem requires an apology, a salesperson should most likely:
Send a text message to the customer
Delegate the task to a customer service representative
Send a prompt email to the customer
Call the customer personally
29. In order to better understand their own product's position in the market place, salespeople need:
A high degree of competitor knowledge.
To be candid.
To be customer oriented.
A high degree of customer knowledge.
30. You have a business that you want to set up on Facebook®. What is the best way to drive traffic to your business using Facebook?
Create a profile using the name of your business.
Facebook  does not have business options and only personal profiles are allowed.
Use a lot of hashtags with your business name.
Create a business/fan page.

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