CIS 568 Week 6 Great Day Fitness Tracking Final Plan

CIS 568 Week 6 Great Day Fitness Tracking Final Plan

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CIS 568 Week 6Great Day Fitness Tracking Final Plan


During your last CIS 568 Week working with Great Day Fitness Tracking, you will create a 9- to 12-page final plan in Microsoft® Word.


Your final plan should:


• Explain the relationship between processes and information systems, including a flowchart and a discussion of security ethical concerns. (CIS 568 Week 1)


• Describe the plan to select the appropriate hardware and software and the different approaches for managing data. (CIS 568 Week 2)


• Explain the benefits of using transaction processing systems, customer relationship systems, and supply chain management. (CIS 568 Week 2)


• Describe the potential benefits of using business intelligence. (CIS 568 Week 3)


• Describe the information systems plan and potential methodologies. (CIS 568 Week 4)


• Describe the used utility and cloud computing services and how these services might replace or augment the initial system design. (CIS 568 Week 6)


• Describe a high-level, 3-year strategic plan for your information solution. (CIS 568 Week 6)


Note: You may include graphs, tables, and diagrams in addition to your summaries for each CIS 568 Week’s content.

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