CIS 560 Discussion 3

CIS 560 Discussion 3

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1. From the first e-Activity, what are some best practices that could be used by businesses to ensure that digital certificates are not fake certificates?

***E-Activity: Go to Computerworld’s Website and read “Researchers hack VeriSign’s SSL scheme for securing websites”, located at ***


2. What is the purpose of encrypting a disk? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages in doing so? Would you use BitLocker to protect your data?


3. From the second e-Activity, evaluate the decision Dartmouth made to implement the Oracle Identity Manager 11g in terms of administrative functions, cost, and ease of use. Determine whether or not Dartmouth’s requirements were reasonable and easy to implement. Explain why or why not.

***E-Activity: Download and read the PDF file, “Oracle Identity Management at Dartmouth College: A Case Study”, located at Be prepared to discuss. Note: If you experience difficulties viewing the PDF file, you may need to copy and paste the Web address into a browser for direct access to the file.


4. Compare and contrast identity management system (which students are required to use to access their classes, grades, course schedules, registration, etc.) to the Oracle Identity Manager 11g. Determine which one you prefer and explain why.

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