CIS 560 Discussion 2

CIS 560 Discussion 2

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1. Determine at least five advantages and five disadvantages of a smart card compared to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.
2. Assume that you are a supervisor for your organization’s IT security team. You want to install biometric devices on all the laptops available for check out by employees. What are 5 best practices your team can adopt for these devices for authentication? What kinds of situations can be avoided by employees following these best practices? 
3. From the e-Activity, suggest five ways that the data center could have prevented the intruders from being able to enter the building. Determine which of these methods is the most predictable and explain why.
4. Imagine you are an IT manager charged with protecting one of your organization’s most important assets…its data. You want to create a proposal for upper management that will increase security. What 5 methods would you propose that could be applied to data protection even if hardware such as servers, laptop computers, and tablet personal computers were stolen? If you were allowed to only implement one of those suggestions now, which would it be and why?
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