CIS 560 Discussion 1

CIS 560 Discussion 1

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Each Part is Answered with approx. 100 words
1. Take a position on whether or not you believe most employees abide by their organization’s AUP. Support your position with an explanation. Propose ways that an organization can enforce this policy. 
2. Suppose your department manager accidentally sends you an Excel spreadsheet showing salaries and proposed wage increases of your coworkers. The spreadsheet was meant for the company CEO. Predict what you think most people in your situation would do. Determine what you would do and explain why.
3. Propose at least five best practices for making sure that sensitive data (personal data, business plans, military plans, etc.) stored on devices (laptops, tablet computers, hard drives, thumb drives, etc.) do not end up in the wrong hands.
4. Propose at least five preventative measures a business should apply to incoming emails to prevent attached executable files from being automatically executed.

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