CBR 600 Project 6 OPM Data Breach Case

CBR 600 Project 6 OPM Data Breach Case

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In your final project that spans three weeks, you will work as part of a team that will research the pertinent issues of the case and provide an analysis of the leadership decisions and effects of group dynamics on the outcome, positive and/or negative.  From your research and division of the tasks in a Team Project Plan, each team will produce a white paper on the case, a one-page executive summary for your boss to share with other executives, and a short narrated presentation that covers the case succinctly. You will experience the challenges of working on a team, which is not unlike the world we live in in which not all team members are in the same location and must find opportunities to synchronize their work.  These challenges accentuate the importance of communication to plan the project, divide the work, and determine how every member will contribute and produce a first rate project. Consider this a great lesson for group work in your program and professional life!

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