BUS 211 Week 2 Quiz

BUS 211 Week 2 Quiz

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1)      A detailed SWOT analysis would classify competition in the industry or market as a

2)      Which example best describes an organizational opportunity?

3)      Which laws was enacted to force companies to more fully disclose their financial results and to protect stockholders of the company?

4)      This is a process of dissolution of a business through which its assets are sold to repay its creditors

5)      A detailed SWOT analysis would classify a poorly designed ,marketing plan as a

6)      What is the definition of a business plan?

7)      Jones (2007) describes a three-stage business plan used by managers. Which of the following is one of the stages?

8)      Important issue can arise concerning how and when payments are made to this group of stakeholders?

9)      What is the primary role of non-managerial employee?

10)  Who has claim on a company because they own shares?

11)  What type of information is within a business plan?

12)  Which of the following impact ethical practices in business at home and abroad?

13)  Anti-trust legislation exists

14)  When an entrepreneur uses advancing technology to find a new way to make or supply a product, the entrepreneur utilizes. Which of the following opportunities?

15)  Which of the following best describes how an employee can increase his or her chances of being promoted inside an organization?

16)  When is a business plan developed?

17)  Which of the following best defines the entrepreneurship process?

18)  Which of the following best describes the employee “role”?

19)  This type of law exists to ensure that people have the skills they need to properly serve the public interest.

20)  What are the four elements of a SWOT analysis?

21)  A detailed SWOT analysis would classify a well developed and informed business model as a

22)  Laws governing diversity endeavor to motivate employers to

23)  What is copyright?

24)  Which answer contains the three types of entrepreneurial activities?

25)  What is the difference between an employee and a manager?

26)  Which two types of laws have been enacted to promote a company’s continued existence and profitability?

27)  Which of the following people or groups supply a company with productive resources and are affected by the way a company does business?

28)  The utilitarian rule bases a business decision on which of the following?

29)  This is the effect of unethical behavior on business commerce

30)  This Act was passed by congress to protect air quality and motivate companies to pollute less.

31)  What rules can managers employ as guidelines to analyze the effects of their business decision on stakeholders?

32)  There are several advantages a company can gain over its competition by behaving in an ethical way. The main advantage is

33)  The U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) is the government agency primarily responsible for

34)  How do managers help the company’s stakeholders?

35)  Which ACT prohibits U.S companies from paying bribes in order to win contracts abroad?

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