BUS 211 Week 4 Quiz

BUS 211 Week 4 Quiz

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1)      Which is the process that aims at identifying company inefficiencies and then determines where improvements are needed?

2)      Which of the following best describes information learned from a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)?

3)      For what purpose do business considered establishing maquiladoras?

4)      In the 1990’s the windows operating system, created by Microsoft, was installed in 90% of the world’s PCs. This kind of penetration in the personal computer business made windows the

5)      Information technology improves customer responsiveness by

6)      Which of the following best describes the result of information overload?

7)      Which component of the HRM system provides employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their job?

8)      Which of the following describes managers’ ability to use the collection and analysis of data to gain information about various tasks and operations to increase the efficiency of a particular function?

9)      The combination of which two factors gives people the ability to better react to the economic environment in which they function?

10)  Which of the following best explains how information technology improves innovation in a company?

11)  Of the three stages in operation and materials management, which stage comes first?

12)  What is the major advantage of broadband technology?

13)  Which component of the HRM system provides employees with information about their performance relative to job expectations?

14)  According to Jones (2007), the hardware and software components of a company’s existing IT system are called its

15)  Which component of the HRM system strives to ensure equity and fairness in dealing with employee issues and concerns?

16)  Which best describes B2B commerce?

17)  Which of the following is the key benefit of mass production operating systems?

18)  The aim of this process is to align human resources recruitment and retention with future organizational goals.

19)  Which of the following costs is associated with a firm’s operations and materials management function?

20)  According to Jones (2007), which type of operating system is designed to make unique or custom-made products?

21)  Which of the following is a form of information that is constantly updated to make sure that decisions can be as up-to-date as possible?

22)  Some examples of elements in the operating stage of the operations and material management process include

23)  Which of the following is software developed for business within the same industry to conduct trading?

24)  According to Jones (2007), what attributes should information provided to managers have to be useful to the organization?

25)  Which of the following is the correct order of the operations and material management process?

26)  Which best describes e-commerce?

27)  One major result of organizational learning is

28)  According to Jones (2007), the semi-finished goods and services that go through company’s production process are called

29)  The operating system that combines both the benefits of customized products and low cost production is called

30)  Which of the following is one of the four major sources of competitive advantages provided by information technology?

In the history of modern computers, which of the following came first?

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