BSCOM 336 Week 1 Communication Theories and Context Review Worksheet

BSCOM 336 Week 1 Communication Theories and Context Review Worksheet

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BSCOM 336 Week 1 Communication Theories and Context Review Worksheet

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Communication Theories and Context Review Worksheet.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Communication Theories and Context Review Worksheet


Communication can be understood by examining the context in which communication takes place and by reviewing some of the theories that govern how communication works within each context. As you complete the information below, be sure to use in-text citations for any paraphrased or quoted information and provide a full reference for your course text.


Part A – Communication Contexts


Directions: In this course we examine communication theories relating to several communication contexts. Refer to the course text to help you understand each of these contexts, then provide a  definition for each communication context.


  • Intrapersonal:
  • Interpersonal:
  • Group:
  • Organizational:
  • Public:
  • Mass:
  • Intercultural:


Part B – Communication Theory


Directions: For each of the following questions, provide a one paragraph response of at least 150 words. Ensure your responses reflect critical thinking.


  • What do you think of when you hear the term “Communication Theory”? After reviewing the Week 1 materials, why do you think it is important to evaluate and study Communication Theory?


  • After reading about the three traditional guidelines that are used to create Communication Theory, do you see communication behavior as being lawlike (Law Approach), like a system (Systems Approach), or rule governed (Rules Approach)? Explain your answer.


  • We begin our exploration of Communication Theory by covering theories pertaining to “Communication and the Self.” What are the benefits of beginning with these intrapersonal communication theories?


  • How does an exploration of intrapersonal communication theories allow you to understand the internal process people go through in order to gain clarity and comprehension in communication exchanges?

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