ACC 576 Week 9 Quiz (All Possible Questions)

ACC 576 Week 9 Quiz (All Possible Questions)

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ACC 576 Week 9 Quiz (All Possible Questions)

ACC 576 Week 9 Study

  1. Checkpoint auto leasing is a small company with six employees. The best action that it can take to increase its internal control effectiveness is
  2. Morgan Property Management, Inc. recently switched from a manual accounting system to a computerized accounting system. The system supports online real-time processing in a networked environment, and six employees have been granted access to various parts of the system in order to perform their jobs. Relative to the manual system, Morgan can expect to see
  3. Which of the following statements is (are) true.  I.A greater level of control is necessary in automated than manual systems. II. The uniformity of transaction processing is higher in automated than manual systems.
  4. In COBIT, the process of identifying automated solutions falls within the ________ control process domain.
  5. In COBIT, the process of reviewing system response time logs falls within the _______ control process domain.
  6. In COBIT, the process of developing tactics to realize the strategic vision for IT falls within the _________ control process domain.
  7. In COBIT, the process of ensuring security and continuous service falls within the _______ control process domain.
  8. One important purpose of COBIT is to
  9. Which of the following is true of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems? I. The online analytical processing system (OLAP) provides data warehouse capabilities for the ERP system. II. The ability of an ERP system to provide an integrated view of transactions in all parts of the system is a function of the online transaction processing (OLTP) system.
  10. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has which of the following advantages over multiple independent functional systems?
  11. The fixed assets and related depreciation of a company are currently tracked on a password-protected spreadsheet. The information technology governance committee is designing a new enterprise-wide system and needs to determine whether the current fixed asset process should be included because the current system seems to be working properly. What long-term solution should the committee recommend?
  12. What is an example of the use of the cloud to access software and programs?
  13. Credit Card International developed a management reporting software package that enables members interactively to query a data warehouse and drill down into transaction and trend information via various network set-ups. What type of management reporting system has Credit Card International developed?
  14. A client would like to implement a management information system that integrates all functional areas within an organization to allow information exchange and collaboration among all parties involved in business operations. Which of the following systems is most effective for this application?
  15. What is an example of the use of the cloud to create software and programs?
  16. An enterprise resource planning system is designed to
  17. Which of the following risks increases the least with cloud-based computing compared with local server storage for an organization that implements cloud-based computing?
  18. What is an example of the use of the cloud to access hardware?
  19. An information technology director collected the names and locations of key vendors, current hardware configuration, names of team members, and an alternative processing location. What is the director most likely preparing?
  20. Bacchus, Inc. is a large multinational corporation with various business units around the world. After a fire destroyed the corporate headquarters and largest manufacturing site, plans for which of the following would help Bacchus ensure a timely recovery?
  21. In an e-commerce environment that requires that the information technology (IT) system be available on a continuous basis, more emphasis will be placed on which of the following aspects of the planning than in a traditional organization?
  22. A controller is developing a disaster recovery plan for a corporation's computer systems. In the event of a disaster that makes the company's facilities unusable, the controller has arranged for the use of an alternate location and the delivery of duplicate computer hardware to this alternate location. Which of the following recovery plans would best describe this arrangement?
  23. The performance audit report of an information technology department indicated that the department lacked a disaster recovery plan. Which of the following steps should management take first to correct this condition?
  24. Which of the following tasks comes first in business continuity management (BCM)?
  25. In DRP, the lowest priority is given to which activities?
  26. Which of the following terms refers to a site that has been identified and maintained by the organization as a data processing disaster recovery site, but has not been stocked with equipment?
  27. In DRP, top priority is given to which activities?
  28. To maintain effective segregation of duties within the information technology function, an application programmer should have which of the following responsibilities?
  29. In business information systems, the term "stakeholder" refers to which of the following parties?
  30. In a large multinational organization, which of the following job responsibilities should be assigned to the network administrator?
  31. IT people controls are mostly
  32. What is the role of the systems analyst in an IT environment?
  33. The position responsible for managing the flow of documents and reports in and out of the computer operations department is the
  34. Which of the following information technology (IT) departmental responsibilities should be delegated to separate individuals?
  35. Who is responsible for granting users access to specific data resources?
  36. When a client's accounts payable computer system was relocated, the administrator provided support through a dial-up connection to a server. Subsequently, the administrator left the company. No changes were made to the accounts payable system at that time. Which of the following situations represents the greatest security risk?
  37. In a large firm, the custody of an entity's data is most appropriately maintained by which of the following personnel?
  38. In which of the following stages of computer system development would training occur?
  39. Which of the following roles is responsible for prioritizing systems development proposals?
  40. At this stage, we purchase hardware:
  41. Which of the following is responsible for overall program logic and functionality?
  42. Data conversion occurs at this stage:
  43. Which of the following implementation approaches has been described as "sink or swim?"
  44. Which of the following is responsible for identifying problems and proposing initial solutions?
  45. Which of the following is responsible for designing, creating, and testing programs?
  46. In which of the following implementation approaches is the system divided into modules for implementation?
  47. In which of the following implementation approaches do the new and old systems run concurrently until it is clear that the new system is working properly?
  48. In which of the following implementation approaches are users divided into smaller groups and trained on the new system, one group at a time?
  49. The requirements definition document is signed at this stage:
  50. In a small business with only microcomputers, which documentation would be most useful to an untrained user to learn how to correct data errors in a database application?
  51. Rose and McMullin, a regional public accounting firm, has recently accepted a contract to audit On-the-Spot, Inc., a mobile vending service that provides vending machines for large events. On-the-Spot uses a computerized accounting system, portions of which were developed internally to integrate with a standard financial reporting system that was purchased from a consultant. What type of documentation will be most useful to Rose and McMullin in determining how the system as a whole is constructed?
  52. Which of the following types of documentation would a computer operator use to determine how to set up and run a specific computer application.
  53. Management of a company has a lack of segregation of duties within the application environment, with programmers having access to development and production. The programmers have the ability to implement application code changes into production without monitoring or a quality assurance function. This is considered a deficiency in which of the following areas?
  54. After changes to a source program have been made and verified, it moves to
  55. Which of the following controls in not usually found in batch processing systems?
  56. Which of the following is considered an application input control?
  57. An employee mistakenly enters April 31 in the date field. Which of the following programmed edit checks offers the best solution for detecting this error?
  58. Which of the following input controls would prevent an incorrect state abbreviation from being accepted as legitimate data?
  59. Which of the following techniques would be used to verify that a program was free of unauthorized changes?
  60. An entity has the following sales orders in a batch: Which of the following numbers represents the record count?
  61. Mark Chen was recently hired by the Rollins Company at a monthly salary of $1,800. When his employee information was entered into the company's personnel system, his monthly salary amount was entered correctly, but he was inadvertently classified as an hourly employee. Which of the following controls would be most likely to detect this error?
  62. A poor quality connection caused extensive line noise, resulting in faulty data transmission. Which of the following controls is most likely to detect this condition?
  63. The distribution of reports is considered what type of control?
  64. An audit trail is considered what type of control?
  65. An auditor was examining a client's network and discovered that the users did not have any password protection. Which of the following would be the best example of the type of network password the users should have?
  66. What is the primary objective of data security controls?
  67. Which of the following is the strongest password?
  68. Problems associated with e-commerce in general include all of the following except
  69. Which of the following is not a risk of e-commerce?
  70. Which of the following is not a risk of e-commerce?
  71. This is an example of B2G
  72. Which of the following best defines electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions?
  73. A manufacturing company that wants to be able to place material orders more efficiently most likely would utilize which of the following?
  74. Which of the following is not considered to be an electronic funds transfer (EFT) transaction?
  75. Communications between trading partners in an electronic data interchange (EDI) environment are usually
  76. Which of the following types of networks is often utilized to process electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions?
  77. Which of the following is not an example of an e-commerce system?
  78. Which of the following statements is correct concerning the security of messages in an electronic data interchange (EDI) system?
  79. Which of the following is the primary advantage of using a value-added network (VAN)?
  80. QuikStop, Inc., a local convenience store chain, is planning to install point-of-sale (POS) systems in all eight of its locations by the end of the year. In the first year or so of operation, QuikStop can reasonably expect to experience all of the following except
  81. Which of the following is not a benefit of using an electronic data interchange (EDI) system?
  82. The Board of Directors of Martin Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc. is meeting to consider whether they should expand their manufacturing facilities to include a product line. Although the company's current financial position and sales potential for existing products are part of the information the Board must consider, of even greater importance is external information concerning economic conditions, market projects for the new product, the cost of long-term financing alternatives, and information about potential competitors. The Board of Directors' decision process would be best supported by a
  83. Which of the following types of systems would you use to record the number of hours worked during the current pay period for each of your employees?
  84. Which of the following is an example of a report that would be produced by a management information system (MIS) as opposed to an accounting information system (AIS)?
  85. This system is most likely to include external data.
  86. Which of the following systems assists with non routine decisions, serves strategic levels of the organization, and helps answer questions regarding what a company's competitors are doing, as well as identifies new acquisitions that would protect the company from cyclical business swings?
  87. Which of the following terms best describes a payroll system?
  88. The system that most resembles a managerial accounting, budgeting system is:
  89. This system is sometimes also called a TPS.
  90. Which of the following is an example of a non-financial transaction?
  91. A data warehouse differs from a data mart because
  92. Which of the following is a critical success factor in data mining a large data store?
  93. A specialized version of a data warehouse that contains data that is pre-configured to meet the needs of specific departments is known as
  94. Which of the following statements is correct?  I.   An important advantage of flat file systems is that they are program independent. II. Flat file systems contain little data redundancy.
  95. Which of the following is true in regard to data warehouses? I. The bulk of the data found in a data warehouse comprises historical operational data. II. Pattern recognition is one of the principal functionalities offered by data mining software.
  96. Which of the following strategies is important to managing security over mobile systems?
  97. Which of the following is less likely to occur in a small business than in a large business?
  98. Which of the following is an effective control related to personal computing in a small business?
  99. Which of the following statements is true regarding small business computing?
  100. Which of the following is not a benefit of mobile computing?
  101. If complete segregation of duties is impossible in a small business, which two functions should be potentially combined?
  102. Which of the following critical accounting function is most likely to be absent in a small business computing environment?
  103. Which of the following statements is true regarding small business computing?
  104. Database management software is considered:
  105. Which of the following is not a category of computer software?
  106. Which of the following allows a database management system to add new records, delete old records, and update existing records?
  107. Which of the following structures refers to the collection of data for all vendors in a relational data base?
  108. What is the correct ascending hierarchy of data in a system?
  109. The following customer data is stored in the sales processing system to a regional produce distributor: Customer Number, Customer Name, Customer Phone, Customer Contact and Customer Credit Limit. Which of the following is true?
  110. Which of the following components of a database is responsible for maintaining the referential integrity of the data in the system?
  111. Which of the following items would be most critical to include in a systems specification document for a financial report?
  112. Vindaloo Corporation wants data storage for a large volume of data that is unlikely to change often. They should consider using
  113. The CPU includes all of the following except
  114. Which of the following is not considered a secondary storage device?
  115. Which of the following devices "burns" data onto a surface?
  116. Which of the following is not true of a computerized environment as compared to a manual environment?
  117. In an accounting information system, which of the following types of computer files most likely would be a master file?
  118. Which of the following is true of batch processing? I. In batch processing, data is captured in a transaction file as transactions occur. II. Periodically (once a day, once a week, etc.), the group of transactions in the transaction file are edited, sorted, and then the transactions are used to update the master file.
  119. Which of the following sets of characteristics is most closely associated with online real-time processing?
  120. During the annual audit, it was learned from an interview with the controller that the accounting system was programmed to use a batch processing method and a detailed posting type. This would mean that individual transactions were
  121. Which of the following is not true of online/real-time transaction processing systems?
  122. Which of the following cycles does not have accounting information that is recorded into the general ledger reporting system?
  123. Which of the following transaction processing modes provides the most accurate and complete information for decision-making?
  124. In a computer-based system, the equivalent of a subsidiary ledger is a
  125. Which of the following statements about processing methodologies is true?
  126. Which of the following is an advantage of a computer-based system for transaction processing over a manual system? A computer-based system
  127. Which of the following is true about master files?
  128. Which of the following is not an advantage of decentralized/distributed systems?
  129. Which of the following multi-location system structures has the fewest problems with input and output bottlenecks?
  130. The multi-location system structure that is sometimes called the "Goldilocks" solution because it seeks to balance design tradeoffs is
  131. In walking through O'Hare airport in Chicago, you notice a man talking into an ear piece. The communication between the ear piece and the man's cell phone mostly likely uses which transmission media and protocol?
  132. Which of the following is a low-cost wired transmission medium?
  133. Consider the following statements: I. LANs use dedicated lines. II. WANs use dedicated lines.
  134. The data control protocol used to control transmissions on the Internet is
  135. Which of the following is not true?
  136. Which of the following technologies is specifically designed to exchange financial information over the World Wide Web?
  137. In which of the following locations should a copy of the accounting system data backup of year-end information be stored?
  138. Rollins Corporation uses batch processing for its accounting system. During a recent monthly payroll processing run, it experienced a power failure that corrupted the payroll database.
  139. Which of the following controls will be most useful to the company in recovering from this failure?
  140. A rollback and recovery is used mostly in _____ systems.
  141. Mirroring is
  142. A checkpoint is used mostly in _____ systems.
  143. _____ systems include redundancy of components.
  144. A company has a significant e-commerce presence and self-hosts its website. To assure continuity in the event of a natural disaster, the firm should adopt which of the following strategies?
  145. Which of the following statements about firewalls is NOT true?
  146. In an accounting system, a header can be used to
  147. IT facility controls are
  148. Which of the following statements best characterizes the function of a physical access control?
  149. Internal disk labels are physically read by
  150. A fire suppression system in a computer facility
  151. An entity doing business on the Internet most likely could use any of the following methods to prevent unauthorized intruders from accessing proprietary information except
  152. Which of the following provides the most reliable form of electronic authentication?
  153. What is a major disadvantage of using a private key to encrypt data?
  154. A digital signature is used primarily to determine that a message is
  155. Which of the following can be used to authenticate messages transmitted in a networked environment?
  156. Which of the following solutions creates an encrypted communication tunnel across the Internet for the purpose of allowing a remote user secure access to the network?
  157. Which of the following is true regarding public/private key encryption?
  158. A company's web server has been overwhelmed with a sudden surge of false requests that caused the server to crash. The company has most likely been the target of
  159. Which of the following is a computer program that appears to be legitimate, but performs an illicit activity when it is run?
  160. A type of malware designed to let the attacker bypass the normal user authentication process (e.g., enter username and password) and enter the user's system is
  161. Which of the following is true about denial-of-service attacks? I. A denial-of-service attack takes advantage of a network communications protocol to tie up the server's communication ports so that legitimate users cannot gain access to the server. II. If the denial-of-service attack is successful, the attacker can gain access to unprotected resources on the server.

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