BSOP 330 Week 5 Quiz

BSOP 330 Week 5 Quiz

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1.Question :

(TCO 9, 10, & 12) The MPS

Student Answer:

must sum up to the total in the production plan.

can have any quantity necessary to meet customer demand.

is only used in make-to-stock manufacturing.

does not have to be tested for capacity limits.

2.Question :

(TCO 12) In an assemble-to-order MPS, the items stocked in inventory are

Student Answer:

finished goods.

component parts.

raw materials.


3.Question :

(TCOs 9, 11, & 12) Which one of the following pieces of information would be more useful to the order entry department in a make-to-stock company?

Student Answer:

The planned order receipt file

The planned MPS released quantity file

The available to promise file

The balance of the forecast quantity

4.Question :

(TCO 12) A forecast

Student Answer:

is always 100 percent correct.

will get better and better the more time and money you spend.

is a time prediction of the future based on the past.

is a monthly project that marketing loves to do.

5.Question :

(TCO 10 & 12) In job shop (make-to-order) operations, the master production schedule is usually expressed in

Student Answer:

end items.



customer orders.

warehouse orders. 

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