ASHFORD ENG 328 Week 1 DQ 2 Target Audience

ASHFORD ENG 328 Week 1 DQ 2 Target Audience

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Target Audience. Understanding who the audience is and how to meet their needs is critical for a technical writer. For example, a writer would develop a technical science document much differently for a team of scientists than they would for audience without a background in science. Explain why it is important to identify the target audience for a document. What role does the audience's demographics play in analyzing the target audience?

Select one of the following scenarios and describe an appropriate audience, the purpose, and at least two mediums for delivery of the message:

a. Scenario 1: Patrick is responsible for training employees on a new software package.

b. Scenario 2: The city council wants to inform the public of upcoming road construction projects.

c. Scenario 3: Nadia wants to share student service information that the school provides.

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