ASHFORD EDU 381 Week 5 DQ 1 Analyzing Instructional Planning

ASHFORD EDU 381 Week 5 DQ 1 Analyzing Instructional Planning

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Analyzing Instructional Planning. Choose one of the case studies presented in Chapters 14, 15, or 16. Then reflect and respond to the questions for the case study you have chosen:

Chapter 14: A Kindergarten Case Study

§  The teacher in this scenario checks the readiness test scores of her future students. How much influence should readiness tests have on instructional decision-making?

§  Is the teacher in this scenario using backward design in her planning? Explain your position.

§  What advice would you give this teacher as she plans her next unit? Chapter 15: A Middle School Case Study

§  What are the arguments against asking first-year teachers to participate in interdisciplinary work? What are the arguments for first-year teachers participating in such an effort?

§  How would you evaluate the role of the art teacher in the unit on perspective described in this case study? Would you have increased her involvement? How? Why or why not?

§  How would you evaluate the use of backward design in this case study? Was it used? How? How might backward design support interdisciplinary efforts? Chapter 16: A High School Case Study § This case study is focused on Macbeth. The teacher in this case study used a variety of instructional models. Were they used appropriately? How could you determine the answer to this question? Were there other models that might have been effective in this unit? Which

models? Why?

§  Was the content appropriately challenging for the students in this class? Why or why not?

§  What elements of backward design were obvious in this teacher’s planning? Which elements were missing?

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