ASHFORD MGT 380 Week 3 Team Assignment Executive Memo

ASHFORD MGT 380 Week 3 Team Assignment Executive Memo

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Resources: Virtual Organization or a company with which the team is familiar


Write a 750- to 1,050-word executive memo. Assumethe team is a management team working for the selected organization and you must make a recommendation to the executives regarding potential changes the organization may face in the near future.


Access the Virtual Organization portal from Click the Materials icon in your Current Course boxand then click the link for the corresponding week.


Include the following points in the executive memo:


·         Analyze the relevance of your company’s mission statement so that it provides guidance on the types of change that may be appropriate. 


·         Analyze the internal and global factors that management must weigh before deciding on changes. 


·         Using this information, determine the types of change your organization could experience and make appropriate recommendations to the executives as to which changes might be best to pursue. Provide rationale on your choice of the type of the change.


Format consistent with APA guidelines.


Post assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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