EDD 721 Week 8 Individual Assignment New Change Model Paper and Presentation

EDD 721 Week 8 Individual Assignment New Change Model Paper and Presentation

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Refer to the previous organizational problem you addressed throughout the course (Kelsey Schools in the Virtual Organization or your instructor approved problem within your own organization).

Write a 1750-2100 word board report in which you design an innovative model for implementing an imposed change in an organization that will likely be opposed by a majority of the staff.

Identify the steps of the change process the organization would experience.

Design an implementation plan, including steps to manage the implementation efforts and create buy-in from resistant staff.

Develop an on-going evaluation plan that measures the effectiveness of the implementation efforts.

Identify strategies for assessing the success or failure of your plan.

Be sure to make implications for future change efforts.

Format your paper according to APA standards.

Create a 10-15-slide PowerPoint© presentation with speaker notes that you could present to the organization’s staff to persuade them to make the change.

Post your PowerPoint© under the appropriate thread in the Main

Facilitate as appropriate in relation to your PowerPoint©

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