MKT 562 Week 5 Competitive Environment and Entry Strategy (Whirlpool)

MKT 562 Week 5 Competitive Environment and Entry Strategy (Whirlpool)

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MKT 562 Week 5 Competitive Environment and Entry Strategy
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that presents your strategies for global segmentation and positioning. Remember to make your presentation interesting for your audience by using charts, graphs, and photos where needed. Remember to include a cover slide and a reference slide. All speaker notes should contain citations where needed.
Address the following areas in your presentation:
Briefly describe the factors that have played a role in your company of choice being an industry market. Speak in terms of localization, centralization/decentralization, financial operations, financial management, and customer target market.
Describe the two-stage process typically followed during global market segmentation.
Discuss the various types of criteria that might be employed to determine global market segments.
Explain the cultural and political issues that your company must address before entering your new market. Evaluate the pros and cons of standardization.
Using knowledge gained from your textbook readings and other resources, describe how your company can leverage competitive advantages within your country or region of choice.
Examine the role of key marketing components, including competition, price-quality relationships, and stage of the product lifecycle.
Cite at least three outside references in addition to your textbook.
Format presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
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