CCMH 504 Week 6 Late Adulthood Interview Paper

CCMH 504 Week 6 Late Adulthood Interview Paper

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CCMH 504 Week 6 Late Adulthood Interview Paper
Develop 12 to 15 interview questions using the following topics:
Health and wellness in late adulthood
Cognitive function and memory in aging
Continuing education and leisure
The experience of cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional changes
Family and relationships
Challenges experienced in late adulthood
Grief and loss issues
Retirement and financial concerns
Interview an individual in late adulthood using the interview questions you developed. You will submit the interview questions as an addendum to your paper.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400–word paper that includes the following:
Provide a brief biography of your interviewee.
Provide a summary of the interview responses.
What are some main points discussed that stood out to you?
What developmental challenges is this individual experiencing?
What counseling strategies would you use to help this individual and his or her family understand the process of death and dying?
Summarize the challenges you experienced with interviewing this individual, and describe what you will do to overcome those challenges.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. (Though there is no minimum number of professional resources, inclusion of peer-reviewed articles and/or professional resources beyond your textbook is strongly encouraged to maximize analysis.)
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