HCS 455 Week 5 Policy Brief Presentation (New Syllabus)

HCS 455 Week 5 Policy Brief Presentation (New Syllabus)

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HCS 455 Week 5 Policy Brief Presentation
You have the opportunity to present a policy brief to your state legislators on the policy of your choice. Your job is to convince this group of legislators to pass or revise a specific policy.
Using your research and tools from the first four weeks of class, you will compile a presentation summary of your policy brief. This presentation should contain 12-15 slides of content (not including title and reference slides). You slides should contain a brief outline of your content, and the bulk of your content should be in the notes section of your slides. Slide notes content must be submitted to plagiarism checker. 
Make sure your presentation contains the following: 
Executive Summary: This is your introduction. Provide a summary of the policy issue and your recommendations that will follow.
Problem overview: Using specific data, explain why there is an issue that needs legislative attention. Consider the policy agenda process described in our course text, Longest, 2016. What causes an issue to become part of the legislative agenda? Make sure your problem overview includes enough detail to convince policymakers that the problem requires their action and attention.
Potential policy solutions: Discuss possible solutions to the issue. You should include at least three different possible policy approaches. You can list past solutions that have already been implemented (and which you don’t believe are working). Here, you are going to discuss a few different ways to solve the policy issue. From this list, you will then choose one which you believe to be the best solution, but before you provide your specific solution, you will list other alternatives.
Recommended solution: From your list of possible policy actions, choose a specific and actionable solution that you will recommend to policymakers. When you think you have a possible solution, ask yourself, “Is this something specific a policymaker or implementing organization can do?” If not, then you have not provided an appropriate solution.
References/Resources: List all references and include any additional resources you think might be helpful for policymakers who would like to research the topic in more depth.
Keep your content concise, specific, and make sure you are using academic sources to support any of your recommendations. Anecdotes and personal opinion should be minimal.
Use at least five sources. 
Follow APA format in your presentation, making sure to cite any images used in slides, and to provide citations in slides and notes.

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