HCS 455 Week 4 Learning Team Debate (New Syllabus)

HCS 455 Week 4 Learning Team Debate (New Syllabus)

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HCS 455 Week 4 Learning Team Debate
Learning Team Debate
Learning Team Debate
Your LT will participate in a friendly debate in which you will debate another LT. I will post instructions and topics as we approach week 4, depending on the number of teams in the class.
Please have your team discussion here, and develop all of your content in this area. When you are ready to post threads in the debate for other teams to view, please go to the “Required Learning Activities” area of Week 4, and post in the “Learning Team Debate” threads. I will have specific threads set up for you to post in, so that we can keep the debate organized. 
For the debate, your team will post the following threads:
1. An opening statement, due on Friday by Midnight of week 4
The opening statement should outline your position, and provide at least 2 sources to support your position. This opening statement should be 300-500 words.
2. A Rebuttal, due Sunday of week 4 by Midnight.
Your rebuttal should counter the other team’s opening statement. Explain why you believe the other team is incorrect. Counter their specific arguments. Use at least 2 new sources in this post. One of your sources can be the other team’s source, but cannot be one of the sources you have already cited in your opening statement. The rebuttal should be at least 300 words
3. A final Statement, due Monday of week 4 by Midnight
Your final statement should summarize your team’s position once again, explaining why the other team is incorrect, and ending with final, strong support for the position you were assigned. The final statement should be at least 150 words and may use sources from your opening statement or rebuttal.

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