HCS 455 Week 4 Policy Process II (New Syllabus)

HCS 455 Week 4 Policy Process II (New Syllabus)

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HCS 455 Week 4 Policy Process II
Policy Process II
Policy Process II
This assignment consists of TWO PARTS. Both are required for full credit for this assignment. Part I must be completed by Wednesday 2/7, at Midnight. 
Part II has multiple components. Make sure you complete all parts and components. 
Part I (due by Wednesday at Midnight): Find the thread for the policy process stage you discussed.Reply to this thread and title your post with your name plus “Policy Process”. Example: EBobo Policy Process. Then, copy and paste the content from your week 3 Policy Process I worksheet into the body of your post. DO NOT attach your worksheet. Simply copy and paste. This part of the assignment is worth 3 points.
Part II (due by Monday Midnight): Go to the four sections for each of the policy process stages that you did not write about. Read one post in each of these sections, and reply to the post with the following content in your reply:  
1. What did you learn about this stage of the policy process by reading the other student’s post?
2. What question do you have about that stage of the policy process?
For part II, you will read four posts will have a total of FOUR REPLIES. Each reply will be brief–you only need to post a sentence or two about what you learned and sentence with your question. Each reply is worth 3 points. No sources are needed.

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