HCS 455 Week 3 Policy Process I (New Syllabus)

HCS 455 Week 3 Policy Process I (New Syllabus)

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HCS 455 Week 3 Policy Process I
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You will be assigned a stage of the policy process. Based on your assigned stage, complete the assigned worksheet. You will use the policy you chose during week 2 to help you think through the policy process.
You must answer each question thoroughly. Below are detailed instructions regarding what you need to cover for each stage. Remember, you are only assigned one stage.
This assignment requires the use of three sources, one of which must be the course text, Longest (2016). 
Your worksheet must include APA-formatted citations, and you must list references at the end of the worksheet. 
Content requirements for policy process stages:
Formulation: Define policy formulation–how does a topic become part of the policy agenda and become proposed as a policy? Explain the process to formulate your policy, including the events that led to the policy proposal, the involvement of stakeholders and the role of special interest groups in this stage.
Legislative Stage: Define the legislative stage. Include an explanation of how the legislative body debates policies and approves policies; the role of committees, the role of the executive branch as relevant to your policy’s legislative process, and the way that stakeholder voices are heard in this stage.
Implementation: define implementation and explain how public policies are put into action. Discuss how your policy was put into place. Identify the accountable parties–agencies, state or federal departments, etc.– and their roles in the implementation of your policy.
Evaluation/Analysis: Discuss how a policy is evaluated and analyzed. Differentiate between evaluation and analysis. Describe how your policy would be evaluated. What would you need to know to determine if the policy is working or not? What type of data would be used in analysis? Where would that data come from? Give specific examples.
Revision Stage: How are policies revised? Do they need to be voted on? Can a regulatory change be issued? Consider your specific policy choice. Has it been revised? If so, why was it revised? What was the revision process? If it has not been revised, do you think it needs to be revised? Why? What would the revision process look like?
Use at least three sources (you may need more). One of those sources must be the course text, Longest (2016). Use APA format for citations and references in your worksheet.

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