BSA 385 Week 5 Team Software Engineering Testing

BSA 385 Week 5 Team Software Engineering Testing

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Learning Team: Software Engineering Testing


Continue your work using the scenario presented in Week One.

The Director of Software Engineering wants you to provide some

insights into test automation. The company is trying to include as much

software testing automation as possible.

Write a 1-page email to the Director using Microsoft® Word that would

help the company asses their choices. The email should include the


• A listofthree pros and three cons of test automation

• A comparison oftwo test automation tools, identifying a minimum of

two pros and two cons for each tool

• An explanation of how test automation tools are used in relation to

the SDLC stages

The team will submit one completed assignment for the team. This

assignment will help you complete the Individual Assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


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