BSA 385 Week 2 Individual Requirements Document

BSA 385 Week 2 Individual Requirements Document

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Individual: Requirements Document



• "User Stories" document

Continue your work using the scenario presented in Week One.

The Director of Software Engineering and the Product Manager for the

company visited the client and collected the User Stories as depicted in

the User Stories document provided. In addition the Chief Financial

Officer of the Hospital gave the Director a complete breakdown of the

charges for surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription drugs.



Part 1:

The Director has asked you to read through the stories and help with

the Functional Requirements Document (FRD) which is a formal

statement of the program's functional requirements. The FRD serves

the same purpose as a contract. Your company agrees to provide the

capabilities specified. The client agrees to find the product satisfactory if

it provides the capabilities specified in the FRD. The Director has asked

you to identify any specific user interface, compliance, security, data,

and data access requirements identified in the stories. The Director also

wants to know which of the requirements you identify are functional or

non-functional. The Director has determined that you will use an Agile

approach to the development of the program.

Create a 1- to 2-page list using Microsoft® Word of the current

requirements the FRD will need. First, list all the requirements that are

functional, then list the non-functional requirements. The FRD will be

refined as the development proceeds, so this list is a starting point.



Part 2:

Your intern is struggling to understand the differences betweenData

Flow Diagrams (DFDs) and Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs).

To help your intern understand the difference, create a 1-page

comparison table using Microsoft® Word showing the similarities and

differences between a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and an Entity-

Relationship Diagram (ERD). The table should depict at least three

points of comparison, as well as a justification of why you would use

one approach over the other.

Cite all sources using APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

SupportingMaterial:User Stories



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