MKT 575 Week 5 Brand Strategy Presentation (Nike)

MKT 575 Week 5 Brand Strategy Presentation (Nike)

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MKT 575 Week 5 Brand Strategy Presentation
Purpose of Assignment 
Marketing students know all brands must be consistently and effectively promoted to survive. The marketing department’s product branding promotional efforts are vital to success. By successfully completing this assignment, students will demonstrate an understanding of which factors can positively or negatively affect the launch of a brand’s product or service. 
Assignment Steps
Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint® 
Create a 20- to 25-slide product branding strategy in Microsoft® PowerPoint® of a selected, well-known brand.
Incorporate a unique branding strategy including the following:
Detail three areas of the brand’s product life cycle including product introduction, growth, maturity, and possible decline.
Include at least two different types of media marketing channels for the brand. One must be a traditional print method and the other must be non-print, or electronic. A non-print media method could be a social media campaign.
In your presentation, you should have one to two slides about each media method (for example: one slide of what you would do, not how to do it).
Include all the following marketing tactics:
Recommended advertising methods
Integrated marketing communications
Direct marketing
Brand positioning efforts
Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references. 
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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