MKT 575 Week 3 Marketing Research Brief

MKT 575 Week 3 Marketing Research Brief

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MKT 575 Week 3 Marketing Research Brief
Purpose of Assignment 
An organization must first understand its targeted consumers’ buying influences and behaviors to achieve effective relationship marketing. This assignment helps students formulate and develop the critical first part of a marketing plan helping an organization fulfill the needs of its client base. This assignment provides a pathway for students to learn how to create the foundational building blocks of an effective marketing plan maximizing its interaction with customers. 
Assignment Steps
Create a 1,050-word professional marketing research brief for the CEO of an organization.
Develop the brief as if it will be later incorporated into a complete marketing plan, including the following:
Marketing Research List of Topics:
Target Market
Consumer Analysis
Customer Profile
Primary and/or Secondary Research utilized
Consumer Research and Monitoring
Note: Be sure to include an overview of demographics (age, income, career, etc.) and psychographic analysis (activities, interests and opinions) with the target market section. Do not make this a detailed analysis, but a high-level overview. 
Cite at least three references, two of which must come from the University Library. 
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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