MKT 575 Week 1 Marketing Strategy Analysis

MKT 575 Week 1 Marketing Strategy Analysis

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MKT 575 Week 1 Marketing Strategy Analysis
Purpose of Assignment 
Before selling a product or service, most successful firms throughout the world create marketing strategies, goals, and objectives. These crucial marketing goals and objectives provide a road map for the entire organization as they strive to satisfy the needs of customers and prospective customers in select target markets. 
Assignment Steps 
Conduct a marketing strategy analysis of your company or your division in a larger company:
Search in the University Library.
Determine whether the business will meet its marketing goals and objectives from your analysis.
Present your findings in a 1,050-word analysis, including the following:
Your conclusions of whether or not the company’s current marketing plan is meeting the needs of its client base.
Is the current marketing plan consistently adding new customers?
Offer your analysis of how the marketing team’s objectives are currently (or currently not) supporting the organization’s objectives.
Your estimation of whether or not current marketing strategies and tactics are supported and carried out by the company’s employees.
Include at least two references from the University Library. 
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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