HCS 427 Week 3 Team Assignment HR Team Outline (UOP Course)

HCS 427 Week 3 Team Assignment HR Team Outline (UOP Course)

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Human Resources Management Project Grading Criteria


Develop a detailed outline that contains the following information. Again this is not a formal paper it is a detailed outline that contains brief paragraphs/lists covering the individual sections. 


Team project content:

1.         Identify and give a brief history of the organization and department to be used in this project.

2.         Identify the name of a position within the department, which is vacant and needs to be filled.  Obtain a job description for this position.

3.         Using the job description, write a brief advertisement for this job.  What are the items that must be included in the advertisement for legal purposes?

4.         List the key skills, knowledge, abilities or qualities the successful candidate must posses.

5.         Draft a list of interview questions, which would allow you to assess the items.  Identify which questions are related to which skill areas.

6.         Draw upon articles and additional references to discuss the legal implications of interviews. Include what can and cannot be asked of an applicant. 

7.         Conduct a literature search to identify effective management skills or techniques related to recruitment, retention, and decreasing turnover. 

8.         Develop a specific incentive, reward, or recognition program and explain how this relates to maintaining positive employee relations.

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