EDD 714 Week 5 Individual Assignment Global Education

EDD 714 Week 5 Individual Assignment Global Education

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Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Comparative International Education Associations and Nongovernmental Organizations
Select an issue that requires reform within educational systems such as standardization, teacher development, or technology.
Choose four nations, preferably on different continents, that are currently addressing this selected issue and making attempts to reform their educational systems.
Create a matrix in which you identify the following for each country:
Characteristics of the educational environment such as centralization, local control, grade-level structure, standards, citizenship education, teacher preparation and certification, technology, and so forth
Major issues or problems initiating and surrounding the reform
Results of the reform movement
Write a 350- to 700-word general comparison and reflection on educational systems in the countries you researched and how the differences led to the different results.
Post your matrix and comparison and reflection in the Main forum for review and comment by your colleagues.

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