MFCC 551 Week 8 Learning Team Assignment Emerging Issues Presentation

MFCC 551 Week 8 Learning Team Assignment Emerging Issues Presentation

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Select a current or emerging ethics issue in the field of marriage and family therapy. Topics can include but are not limited to: 
Suicide and confidentially in the military
Confidentiality and privacy in pharmacies and prescriptions
Confidentiality and privacy in electronic medical records
Required therapy for therapists
Health care reform, budget cuts, and the counseling profession
Other topics as approved by your facilitator 
Present your topic in a 20-minute formal presentation, including: 
A description of the issue
The role of the therapist
Relevant legal concerns
Potential ethical issues
Ethical guidelines for research participants.
Risks and dilemmas for the Marriage and Family Therapist
Suggestions for solutions 
Include multimedia sources, opportunities for audience involvement, show evidence of preparation and rehearsal, and dress professionally.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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