ECET 380 Week 4 Ilab Pulse Shaping Filters

ECET 380 Week 4 Ilab Pulse Shaping Filters

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Title of Report:

Pulse Shaping Filters

I.We used MATLAB to designed pulse shaping filters and investigated the filters’ Impulse Responses as key filter parameters are varied OBJECTIVES

  1. Use MATLAB to design pulse shaping filters.
  2. Investigate the filters’ Impulse Responses as key filter parameters are varied.
  3. Observe the effect of Matched Filtering on Inter-symbol Interference (ISI).




            IBM PC or Compatible with Windows 2000 or Higher


            MATLAB Version 7.1 or Higher



Baseband signal processing is an important component of any modern wireless system.  Line Coding, Channel Coding, Encryption, Compression and Pulse Shaping are all schemes deployed at this level.  Spectral scarcity is always a key consideration for the wireless designer.  Inter-symbol Interference and other degrading effects of a typical radio channel are also issues that need to be addressed during system design.  In this lab we shall examine the roles of pulse shaping filters as a means of achieving spectral efficiency and ISI mitigation. The two pulse shaping filters we shall work with include the Gaussian and the Raised Cosine filters.





A.        Applicable MATLAB Tools

  1. Open MATLAB and familiarize yourself with the Default Layout, which includes the Current Directory, Command History and Command Window.  You will be working primarily in the Command Window, but the other windows may provide useful information in the future.
  2. The Command Window is a command line environment, much like DOS or UNIX.  You will type all commands in this lab at the >> prompt.  Following each command, you will need to hit the Enter key.  Also, if you are working in the Citrix environment, there may be a lag in MATLAB’s response.  Some operations are VERY processor intensive – just be patient.
  3. To get started, type in:  >>help
  4. Scroll UP until the comm\comm.  Select this entry.
  5. Scroll UP again, and look for the 3 categories that contain filter options.  List these sections, their subcategories and descriptions of each.

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