ECET 380 Week 2 iLab Simulation of a Rayleigh Channel

ECET 380 Week 2 iLab Simulation of a Rayleigh Channel

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Simulation of a Rayleigh Channel

Summary (two sentences):

Simulated and analyzed the effects of flat fading Rayleigh channels on transmitted signals.

Simulated and analyzed the effects of frequency selective Rayleigh channels on transmitted signals.


The radio channel that links the transmitter and receiver in wireless communications applications can be a hostile and complicated medium.  Characteristics of the channel may lead to security breaches, limit the application’s throughput, or severely degrade signal quality if the system is not properly designed.  The causes of these deficiencies are primarily due to two factors: Doppler Shift, which is caused by motions of the mobile device or objects in the radio channel, and Multipath Fading, which results from scattering of the transmitted electromagnetic waves. The radio channel is usually characterized as one in which its statistics are modeled as Rayleigh or Rician distributions.



Open MATLAB and familiarize yourself with the Default Layout, which includes the Current Directory, Command History, and Command Window.  You will be working

The Command Window is a command line environment, much like DOS or UNIX.  You will type all commands in this lab at the >> prompt.  Following each command, you will need to hit the Enter key.  Also, if you are working in the Citrix

To get started, type in:  >>

  1. Scroll UP until the comm\comm.  Select this entry.
  2. Scroll UP again, and select rayleighchanunder the Channels main topic.  Explore this section, along with doc rayleighchanto familiarize yourself with the function.
  3. What information is available?  Summarize each property & parameter.  Identify Read-Only (R) and Writable (W) properties.
  4. At the prompts, type in the following (press Enter after each line):
  5. What non-zero parameters of the channel are displayed?  Record their values.
  6. Why is PathDelays = 0?  Only one Path

B.        Generate and Plot Rayleigh Channel Power


  1. Take a screen shot that shows your plot to include with your lab report submission.

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