HCS 557 Week 4 Individual Assignment Aging and Retirement Reference Brochure

HCS 557 Week 4 Individual Assignment Aging and Retirement Reference Brochure

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Many individuals stress about retirement and how to properly plan for the lifestyle they would like to maintain. Cultural barriers or the lack of culturally specific educational material may prevent many adults from engaging in adequate financial planning for retirement. This may in turn perpetuate traditional inequality patterns. Many issues arise when considering the thought of retirement, and it is up to you to help relieve some of the worry. A reference brochure can be a concise method to summarize the available options and how to start planning for the process.

Resource: Aging and Retirement Reference Brochure Grading Criteria

Create a 3 full page brochure referencing the options for the aging population. Be sure to complete the following requirements:

·         Select a culture or specific population as the target audience for your brochure.

·         Consider a younger person from that culture still in the workforce but preparing for retirement or caring for an elderly individual who is going to retire soon.

·         You may also consider an older member of that culture to which you will speak at a senior center or adult day care facility. You want this brochure to be a guide to help older adults with the transition.

Select one of the following options and provide relevant information for your selection:

·         Social services for either the senior or his or her caregivers, which may include public and private options or costs

·         Planning for retirement, including economic, housing, medical, and legal preparation

·         Healthy lifestyle opportunities or health maintenance options

·         Another selection approved by your faculty member

Select a title for your brochure. Be creative when selecting your title; some example titles include the following:

·         Preparing for Your Older Years—Targeting Generation X

·         Living Longer—But Not Always Better

·         Keys to Successful Aging

Ensure your brochure is at the appropriate readability index to the target audience.

Create a separate reference page with a minimum of three peer-reviewed references in APA format.

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