NTC 406 Week 2 Individual TCP/IP Network

NTC 406 Week 2 Individual TCP/IP Network

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NTC 406 Week 2 Individual: TCP/IP Network
Your manager has tasked you with creating a Remote Employee Connection guide for IT. This guide will assist IT in setting up remote (work-from-home) employees to access the company’s Intranet. These employees will use a VPN connection from their PC in home to a remote VPN server located in the employee’s work campus.
Create a 2- to 3-page guide using Visio® including the following:
WAN access options from the home to an ISP
WAN access options from the work campus to another ISP (assuming a different ISP is used)
An end-to-end (from PC to VPN server) network diagram showing routers, switches, hosts and connections. Show on the diagram your choice of one of options considered; i.e., WAN access from home, or WAN access from work.
Major TCP/IP protocols with which the home PC is involved, from the moment it boots up until its first IPv4 packet reaches the VPN server.
Illustration of how the first IPv4 is forwarded through the network, showing:
Source and destination IPv4 addresses
Source and destination MAC addresses for the initial 2 hops in the header of the packet
Entries in the routers’ forwarding tables
Major routing protocols involved in building the forwarding tables
Repeat the last two items in the case of IPv6
Note: It is recommended that Visio® be used to create network diagrams for the presentation.
Copy and paste your network diagrams into Microsoft® Word.
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. Do not submit Visio® files.

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