HCA 311 Week 5 Final Project Capital Investment Plan (2 Papers)

HCA 311 Week 5 Final Project Capital Investment Plan (2 Papers)

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This Tutorial contains 2 Final Papers


Focus of the Final Project

For your Final Project, you will create a capital investment plan proposal utilizing the health care business you selected in Week One as well as the answers to the Basic Information questions. Refer to the websites forSample Business Plans. Create a capital investment plan proposal for your health care company that includes the following sections:

1.      Executive Summary: This section is a concise, one- to two-page/slide summary of a business report. It restates the purpose of the report, highlights the major points of the report, and describes any results, conclusions, or recommendations from the report.

2.      Service and/or Equipment Description: This section should be at least one page/slide. Describe the service or equipment suggested in the business proposal and the reasons why this is socially and politically beneficial for the community in meeting consumer demands.

3.      Establishing the Team: This section should be at least one page/slide and include a chart that illustrates the structure of the capital investment team. In addition, provide a summary of your team (background, responsibilities, etc.).

4.      Key Strategic Goals: This section should be at least one page and include specific funding sources for the capital investment.

5.      Financial Analysis: Projected income statement and types of assumptions made to compute the figures.

·         Typical income statement assumption information requirements. Initial investment

·         What types of revenue will be generated from the capital investment? Will insurance reimburse? If so, discuss the impact of the various reimbursements (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, private, or self-pay).

·         How many services will be offered to produce the revenue (by month)? Look at patient days.

·         How much labor will be required (FTEs)?

·         What will the labor cost?

·         How many (and what types of) supplies and/or devices will be required to offer the service?

·         What will the supplies, drugs, and/or devices cost?

·         How much space will be required? Are renovation costs involved?

·         What will the required space occupancy cost?

·         What is the life of the equipment (if applicable) and the cost of maintaining the equipment?

·         Cash flows:

o    Payback period

o    Internal rate of return

o    Assume discount rate of 8% and 6% respectively for comparison purposes.

Submit your proposal using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint. Your Capital Investment Plan Proposal should include a title page/slide and table of contents (section names and page numbers). In addition, include detailed speaker notes that are grammatically correct. You may also submit a written report to go along with your presentation, but you should still include detailed speaker notes. 

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