MGT 598 Week 4 Team Assignment Action Plan

MGT 598 Week 4 Team Assignment Action Plan

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Continue to use the organization and plan selected in Week 2 for the Causal Chain Scorecard.

Develop a 1,400-word Action Plan in which you include the following:

  • Examine the various processes of data collection.
  • Develop a process of data collection for all levels including reaction, learning, application, and impact.
  • Measure the inputs using a variety of measures such as:
    • The type of consulting project
    • The functions in the organization
    • The users of the project (the people directly involved)
    • The support staff and others who may be involved
    • The timing of involvement of all parties
    • The duration of the involvement
    • The place of involvement
    • The cost of the project, including direct and indirect costs
    • The inefficiencies surrounding the project
  • Analyze the process to be used in the project to convert data to a monetary value.
  • Discuss how this information will be used.

Cite a minimum of three scholarly sources.

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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