MHA 616 Week 3 Discussion 2 Predicting Gaps and Parities

MHA 616 Week 3 Discussion 2 Predicting Gaps and Parities

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MHA 616 Week 3 Discussion 2 Predicting Gaps and Parities


Predicting Gaps and Parities. Leaders of health care and health information technology are charged with a vision for growth and improvement. Technology is advancing in health care at an unsurpassed rate. Some health care organizations are very slow to adapt. Meanwhile, other organizations spend the time and resources ensuring that they remain competitive; measuring the risk versus the benefit of new or improved health information systems. Many argue that it puts them in touch with the customers and gives them a competitive advantage (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2013). In a minimum of 300 words, address the following points in your initial post:


• Discuss some characteristics of quality data.


• Discuss how gaps (or breaches) are predicted and handled.


• Discuss how parities (or uniformities) are identified and maintained.


• Identify and describe the gaps and parities in health information system data and information.


• Discuss Web 2.0 and its primary features?


• Review each of the following Web 2.0 tools (you will need to create a free account to use Practice Fusion). Are these tools useful? What are the benefits or drawbacks of using tools such as these? Share your observations with the class.


− Practice Fusion: features ePrescribing, charting, and scheduling.


− Webicina: select a particular diagnosis from the homepage and then explore the social media options available for that subject.


Guided Response: Review your peers’ posts and provide a substantive response to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

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