MHA 616 Week 1 Health Information System Topic Selection (2 Papers)

MHA 616 Week 1 Health Information System Topic Selection (2 Papers)

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This Tutorial contains 2 Papers


Health Information System Topic Selection.Review each of the cases below:

·         Beaumont health system selects InterSystemsHealthShare

·         Case study: Veterans health information systems and technology architecture (VistA)

·         Managing information privacy & security in healthcare. Case study: Immunization information systems at

University of Pennsylvania

·         The Persona Review (available in the online classroom)

·         The U.S. health care system and lagging life expectancy: A case study

Select one of these cases and thoroughly assess the problems or issues that were identified in the case as well as the solutions or conclusions that were made regarding the case. Next, identify a related health information systems topic that encompasses a health care information systems issue; one that you feel would be a gap (a breach) or parity (a value) in or to the case. The topic should align with the selected case, for example: systems data collection or patient privacy/breach of patient privacy. Then, write a thesis statement and introductory paragraph which explains the issue you plan to propose a solution to, including the topic you choose, its relation to the selected case, and the specific gap or parity you identified. Your thesis statement and introductory paragraph should be 300 to 600 words in length and must provide a rationale for why you chose this health information systems topic. You must utilize at least two scholarly sources, including a minimum of one scholarly source from the  University


Additionally, you must answer the following questions:

·         If you were in charge of addressing the issue within your selected case, what would your leadership role entail with regard to the proposed project?

·         Why is this topic important to health information systems quality?

·         What is the issue or quality identified? What improvements are needed? What features are identified?

·         How does this impact patient care?

·         How does it impact management and staff (the organization as a whole)?

·         What are the current conclusions drawn from the case? 

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