GB 540 Unit 3 Assignment Talent Search (2 Papers)

GB 540 Unit 3 Assignment Talent Search (2 Papers)

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Assignment 3

For most firms today, success or failure is determined by the ability to find, attract, keep, develop, and tap into the most talented workforce that can be assembled. Use the  Online Library to search for articles related to this topic. Write a 5-page report outlining what firms need to do in order to bring in the most talented people (from anywhere) and make the fullest possible use of their abilities. Support your paper with at least two articles from the Library. Your paper must be APA compliant.

GB540 Unit 3 Assignment Rubric

Content and Analysis

Points Possible

Points Earned

Paper includes a discussion with an appropriate analysis of success or failure in the following areas:

· Competition for talent

· Utilizing talent

· Ability to find talent

· Ability to attract talent

· Ability to retain talent

· Ability to develop talent


· Paper is the appropriate length


Writing Style, Grammar, APA Format, at least two resources are used

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