ASHFORD BUS 311 Week 5 Quiz (Old)

ASHFORD BUS 311 Week 5 Quiz (Old)

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1.         A financial planner's intentional or negligent misstatement or non-disclosure of a material fact relating to an investment is known as  


2.         A professional's improper or immoral conduct in the performance of his or her duties through carelessness or lack of knowledge is considered to be:

3.         Countries that enact laws prohibiting trade with specific countries are said to be using:

4.         Psychiatrists who learn from a patient that he or she intends to do harm to another has the legal responsibility to the patient to maintain confidentiality and cannot disclose such information to authorities.

5.         To help allay costs in addressing environmentally scarred land CERCLA created a fund known as the:

6.         When a host country takes title to all of the assets of a foreign company and provides compensation to the owners of the foreign company, it is called:

7.         The restrictions some countries place on the number and kinds of products that may enter their nation in order to maintain a positive balance of trade is known as:

8.         Pursuant to the Clean Air Act, a standard which serves to protect human life and health is a:

9.         When a host country mandates that at least partial ownership of a foreign company be sold to local citizens or companies prior to the foreign company's conducting business within the host country's borders, it is called:

10.       A plaintiff must establish all of the following in order to be successful in proving the defendant's negligence in a product liability lawsuit except:

11.       The phase of drug testing that the safety and effectiveness of the drug is evaluated in trials involving a great number of people is:

12.       Damage to the ozone layer in the atmosphere is cause by:

13.       Sulfur emissions cause pollutants to be discharged into the atmosphere and result in:

14.       The charter of the United Nations expressly allows trade sanctions and embargoes.

15.       Businesses that create pollution may be required to pay a fine, however they cannot be found liable for negligence.

16.       A physician can be found to be negligent for any of the following except:

17.       A hazardous condition that exists throughout an entire product line is a:

18.       The federal agency responsible for the safety of automobiles sold in the United States is the:

19.       In a product liability lawsuit, the plaintiff must show that the defendant either acted improperly, or failed to act.

20.       A financial planner's unreasonably excessive buying or selling of securities to generate commissions is known as:

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