HM 322 Week 1 DQ 2

HM 322 Week 1 DQ 2

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Class, In the article, "Gaming", Andrew Jackson presidency was pointed out as being a proponent of morality and during this time people viewed gambling as sinful.  Being a history buff and admiring some of the accomplishments of his presidency I find it interesting that this time period was considered a morality movement, considering this was also the time of some major Indian removals from our newly populated regions which is contrary to his stand against morality.  This is also ironic that these areas now have robust gambling areas. 


However, from this how can we better understand how people viewed gambling?  What key words are associated with gambling and is it still true today?  Our concern with history, it is always someone's perception and the author superficially glosses over some of the main issues, but in the end lists the three types of gambling, what are they and how have they impacted our society? 


I find it interesting that the author points out Alabama which prohibits gambling, we do have the SEC conference in football, which could be categorized as a type of gambling, depending on a person's view of gambling, but there are Indian Casino's in Alabama, a place of major Indian removal during the Jacksonian presidency.  We will discuss the landscape of casinos further down the road, but I will point the striking contrast to the environment, which is small town, old buildings, lots of trees and then out of the blue is this tower of a building, several nice billboards, and lots of nice hotels and golfing.  Very interesting and concise article for basic facts but leaves the reader wanting more details supporting some of the points. Your thoughts?

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