CIS 375 Week 7 Discussion Usability Evaluation

CIS 375 Week 7 Discussion Usability Evaluation

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CIS 375 Week 7 Discussion
"Usability Evaluation"  Please respond to the following:
•         Software design engineers use different data gathering techniques for establishing requirements. Requirements come in many different forms and levels of abstraction, but need to be very specific and unambiguous. Of the two different kinds of requirements (functional and non-functional), speculate the challenges you may see in capturing both requirements. Provide a rationale for your response. 
•         Low-fidelity prototypes are mainly used to conduct research on a product and are not integrated into the final product, while high-fidelity prototypes may evolve into a final product. Compare and contrast the final product that evolves from a high-fidelity product and a product built from the ground up after studying and learning from a low-fidelity prototype. Provide one(1) example of each type of product to support your response.

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