BSHS 425 Week 2 Community Agency Interviews Part II

BSHS 425 Week 2 Community Agency Interviews Part II

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BSHS 425 Week 2 Community Agency Interviews Part II

Complete Part II of University of Phoenix Material: Community Agency Interviews.

**See Full Community Agency Interview Assignment in student materials.

Part II: Agency Interview Plan

Please describe your Agency Interview Plan in 350 words (1 page).

The plan should include the following:

§  Name of the human service agency your team chose, a brief description of the agency, their target population, types of programming or services they offer

§  Purpose or mission of the agency, including goals or values if indicated

§  Each team member should include the dates of scheduled visits/phone calls for the interview, what position that person holds, or their role in the human service agency.

(Make sure this information is included in your paper and in your final assignment)

§  What information does your team hope to gain from the interview and how this will be helpful.

Submit the plan in Week 2.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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